Participant Research


Locked Potential


Today's business environment is awash in data. Databases and statistics yield a host of surprises about human behaviour never thought possible. But try as you might, these numbers don't always tell you why a phenomenon is occurring.


Unlock the Story

But there is always a story behind the data. A story of perception, a story of experience or a story of background.


Participant Research specializes in unlocking those stories and describing them in easily understood terms. We translate the experience of many into the language of the few.


Using the Right Key

Quite often, finding the story in the data is simply a matter of using the right tool for the job. It could be the way a question is asked, maybe the environment it's asked in or even by simply observing.


Participant Research: Unlocking Possibllity

We look underneath what people say. Sometimes the nugget is finding out the implicit beneath the explicit. By combining the right keys with the matching locks, we can help you open the door to hidden potential.


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